Call for Closing Remarks

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  1. but

    isn't this monday the last day of classes?

  2. offtopic

    what's up with the protest at the gates? Is that Manhattanville-related? Could you maybe gimme a quick post about that sos I don't feel ignorant and uninformed?

  3. bc'11  

    tomorrow is the last day for friday classes.

    my last friday class of college :)

  4. Anonymous

    \I'm always ready to talk about Chekhov. I still have my I love Chekhov tattoo.\
    -Cathy Popkin, Literature and Empire

  5. Principles of Econ person  

    Professor Musatti, Principles of Econ: "Around the year 0, when Jesus was born, it would have taken you about 7,000 years for the economy to double output. Maybe Jesus should have focused more on the economy...then again, when you can come back from the dead, you don't really have a great concept of time."

  6. Rhetorical Choices  

    I dunno if this counts, but I thought it was funny:

    Pam Cobrin:"...And I am so grateful to have been privy to your wonderful discussions. Thank you."
    *Moment of silence*
    Student: "Sooo, did we have a reflection due this week?"

  7. tangential  

    One of the Cafe 212 workers: "That one with the ponytail was doing it?...How dumb are they, doing that out of their room? They should've listened to Biggie Smalls."

  8. Anonymous  

    Paige West: "Condoms rhyme with fun"

  9. Anonymous  

    \Do your best to leave behind traces of a life well-lived.\

    -Professor Okihiro in Intro to Comparative Ethnic Studies

    (not funny, but a good sentiment)

  10. Anonymous  

    "Locke is like a Christmas carol - music to our ears."
    -Roosevelt Montas, CC

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