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As per tradition, Columbia’s Undergraduate Admissions team ceremoniously marched out of their Hamilton office this afternoon, singing “Roar, Lion, Roar” and carrying Early Decision admissions packages, which they sent off on the FedEx truck waiting on college walk. Congratulations, Class of 2015!

Don’t be too jealous, but this year the electronic admissions letter is a video clip of campus with the fight song playing the background, and a flash animation welcome message.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Poor losers, theyve missed out on many things, Ahmedinijad, hunger strike, elections 2008, suicide, and most recently the drug bust.

  2. depressed sophomore  

    wish I knew the shit I was getting into when I decided to come here.

  3. Brando

    I'm desperately waiting to hear from Columbia's admission office.

  4. freshman  

    when does the jadedness set in again?

  5. yay  

    Columbia! I wish everyone could go here, but they cant! 160,000 tuition dollars well spent! This place is exactly as advertised! the university cares so much about undergraduates! Bollinger loves each and every one of us! Finals are fun! In no way does anyone here regret not going to a "fun" school! We even have normal people, like, you know, the drug dealers! yay for 2015!

  6. spelling error

    it says "signing" roar lion roar, when it should be "singing"

  7. Jason

    Too bad one of those isn't mine. T_T

  8. grammar  

    none of those are mine.* it's shitty writing like that what got you rejected.

  9. Class of 2011

    Geez, when I was in high school 2011 seemed so, so far away.... now we're admitting the class of 2015?! are we going to have flying cars and time machines by then?

  10. ED 2014  

    Just FYI, it sounds like the acceptance animation is the same as last year (except it says \2015\, of course).

    Congrats to the Class of 2015!!

  11. seriously clinically depressed sophomore  

    Columbia has been a major factor in driving personal anxiety and depression. Not college, but specifically, Columbia.

  12. hi, lame bwog commenter here

    hi, so i just found out my decision. rejected, of course.

    i just want to say, even though a lot of you most likely won't care, that reading bwog during the months leading up to this moment has really helped me, and even though i've been rejected, and won't be able to be part of the many things that i've read on bwog that i wish so much i could be a part of, i feel like in a way, i was part of it anyway

    call me strange, or just plain dumb, but i feel like in a way i had a tiny taste of the CU experience through bwog. and i am more grateful for that, and the small time i had on campus than anything in the world right now. it's something i'm going to hold onto until i, perhaps, gather up the nerve and courage to apply again. who knows.

    i just wish those who were accepted the best of wishes. and i hope that they make the best of their time in columbia. and i want to add, a day doesn't go by that i don't see some of you who go to columbia complaining. but just think about how it felt to be accepted in the first place. be grateful for what you have, because you have to know that sure as hell if i were you, i'd definitely be grateful. but, who knows, maybe you all are deep down inside.



    • cheer up!  

      don't feel bad about not getting in here, man. i promise you, it's no better than most other colleges

    • Hooah  

      You are wiser than most people here. And with an attitude like this, you are going to go far wherever you end up. Good luck!

      • This.  

        Whatever your GPA/SATs/ACTs, you are clearly brighter than a good handful of Columbia's loudest students.

        Bravo - and you will go far in this world with a personality like that. Trust me! No boss wants to hire an intelligent dbag he can't work with, over a SLIGHTLY less intelligent personable individual who knows how to work with others.

        Not sure how much that made sense but - cheer up! You're gonna go places. ;)

    • Anonymous  

      this is something you don't realize until you've been accepted and have settled in somewhere, but you will be completely fine!
      You will have a great experience somewhere else, even if it's not Columbia
      Good luck :)

    • Hey kid  

      I'm sorry to hear about your news, but things will get better.

      Best of luck to you, in all your endeavors.

      Enjoy senior year!

    • anon  

      well if you're a girl you can always apply to barnard.

      • Anonymous  

        also, look into the 3/2 program at the engineering school, if you can do maths

      • me, again

        yes, i am a girl. and i have considered that. i still am. but, i don't know. but thank you for the encouragement though :)

        and thank you to everyone else who replied. i had to go out for a few hours, take in the ridiculously cold night air (global warming wor bist du?) and think about some things. and then i came in and read these, and i cheered up.

        i can't lie, this hurts, right in the heart. but, you guys are right, i'll do just as well at any college i go to. i fell for columbia, like j-lo for ralph fiennes in maid in manhattan. but, what the hey, life isn't a movie.

        i'm not worried now though, hopefully, my next stop is my second choice, and after that, columbia med. i'll be back, with a vengeance lol.

        anyway, thank you all again for the encouraging comments. you're all awesome people as well and i hope that you enjoy your holidays! :)

        • Barnard student  

          I understand why some people voted down the "apply to Barnard" comment, but honestly, it's not a bad suggestion. I was in the same position as you a few years ago--rejected from Columbia ED (something I was truly not expecting, as I thought I was competitive at the very least). I was devastated, too. I ended up going through the whole application process, applying to a good number of schools including Barnard. Though I never thought I would end up at a women's college (or in the Columbia community after I got rejected), I ended up getting into Barnard and coming here. And frankly, I think Barnard is a better fit for me than CC would've been.

          Things tend work out in ways you hadn't anticipated... don't lose hope!

    • That sucks :/  

      But it's not the end of the world! Believe me, I've been there, and I know how it can feel like all the hard work you put in was pointless because the school you wanted most didn't pick you. There's no way you can have this perspective yet, but someday, I promise you won't care anymore. It's not just that you'll be completely fine wherever you end up (you will be), but eventually you'll realize that so much of the college admissions process is sheer dumb luck and is completely out of your control (which also sucks). Good luck with the rest of your applications, including Columbia Round Two, if you decide to go that route!

    • hi  

      you are awesome and your comment cheered me up, and you will probably be cheering people up at whatever school you end up going to!! good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I got rejected early decision for the class of 2008. I went to a small liberal arts college, had fun, busted my ass a little and now I'm at Columbia for medical school. Getting rejected here for undergrad wasn't the tragedy I thought it was at the time.

      Good luck!

    • Anonymous  

      I didn't get into my ED school, you can always transfer (I just transferred this year to Barnard)

    • cc '14  

      i didn't get into my ed school either, but i'm so glad i'm not there. it works out, promise.

    • when i am sad  

      i stop being sad and be awesome instead. true story.

      you should, too.

      naw but admissions in general is inherently random when you have 5 yous competing for one you spot.

    • CC '14  


      I'd like to reiterate what others have said about your wisdom and maturity in this post. And I'd like to tell you that before I got my admissions decisions back I never, ever thought I would end up at Columbia-- I applied ED to a very different school which I was VERY committed to and was first deferred and then rejected, and there are still things I don't like about CU but I honestly don't think the other school would have been a better fit for me than Columbia. I know exactly how much you're hurting right now, but it really is true that wherever you end up, with an attitude like yours you will have a great time. College is 100% what you make of it.

      Stay strong :) you're almost there.

  13. Chemistry majors  

    Are there any in the upcoming class, and can they fill the pharmaceutical hole left by this week's events?

  14. annoyed  

    I wonder how dumb you have to be to get rejected. Seriously, some of the people in my Lithum class really make me wonder as to the actual caliber of Columbia students...

  15. Anonymous

    columbia was a mistake

  16. ED 2012  

    How come we didn't get a fancy animation?!?! I had to read through a long letter online to find out if I was accepted haha

  17. ED 2007

    We had to wait for the package back when I applied...

  18. so many hot rejected chicks  

    I could have hooked up with.... sooooo saddd..... woe is meeeee.. ...

  19. SEAS'14  

    yay! welcome 2015ers! you deserve to be here

  20. hot desi in butler  

    ponder the effects of cultural imperialism...

  21. Anonymous  

    Sucks for those kids...I bet they though they'd have easy access to drugs, and now their decisions are binding!

  22. CC '15

    Hey guys, I just got my email, so I thought I'd say hi :-). Can anyone tell me what the party scene is like at Columbia? Is Columbia very strict when it comes to drugs and alcohol? Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      alcohol: depends on how lenient the RA is.
      tobacco: the only acceptable place to smoke is outside.
      drugs: pot is okay, but keep your windows closed. Get a fan. Also, DON'T SELL DRUGS.
      for both: When you get caught, it's handled internally. Except in really egregious cases.

      tl, dr: always in moderation, don't do anything stupid.

    • you have to get  

      caught three to four times doing drugs or alcohol before anything even remotely serious will happen to you. Punishment wise, Columbia can give a shit about drinking as long as your not obnoxious about it and dont do it in public

    • Anonymous  

      if you are really CC'15, then you will figure out soon enough. Congrats on the acceptance! Enjoy senior year.

      The reason people are voting you down is because of recent news. Google: drug bust columbia.

  23. Columbia drug/alcohol policy  

    have you not read the news?

  24. um  

    smoking pot is not ok retard.

  25. CC'13  

    my brother was deferred... he's pretty upset.

    • Anonymous  

      that happened to me-- really REALLY sucked. but i got in in the spring! if he can think of anything else the admissions office might be interested in or does anything new/cool/impressive in the next few months, he should send it in!

  26. Anonymous

    my brother got in!!! and hes so ecstatic, as am i! too bad i'll have graduated :-(

  27. ed '12

    i regret not giving myself more options

  28. 2011  

    i'm getting too old for this shit.

  29. 2015 ED Send Off??  

    Aren't they too young for erectile dysfunction??

  30. Anonymous

    Columbia has the second highest retention rate in the country (99%) just behind Yale and ahead of every other peer/elite school and one of the highest graduation rates in the country/world. Sort by retention and graduation rates in the US News' "America's Best Colleges."

    Very few Columbia students transfer out and very few don't graduate compared to other peers and the national statistics. The number of transfer students enrolling each year has nothing to do with folks leaving. Columbia plans to admit transfer students each year who deserve to join our community and I believe the transfer acceptance rate is also in the single digits.

    I'm sure even folks with 'bad GPA's' could leave if they wanted to but nearly all Columbians recognize what an opportunity it is to be at this university.

  31. Columbia Hopeful

    To the BWOG editors:
    Thanks so much for all the news you provide about Columbia! I was deferred yesterday and was wondering whether BWOG has any information on the Class of 2015's Early Decision Accept Rate for CC and Engineering?

  32. Lion Cub (2015) :)

    so I'm a "kid" (or a fresh-person...) next year! 2015 CC!
    I have been reading Bwog NON STOP for weeks now (I'm obsessed, but you guys are amazing). If you need a 2015 person to report all the juicy gossip tidbits from the facebook group, or other baby lion shenanigans, I'm here. I'm planning on joining your staff (next year).

    For the curious, the package contained a HUGE poster of Low Library, (which has found a cosy niche above my bed).

    Roar, Lions, Roar!!

    • Claire  (Bwog Staff)

      We can't wait to have all you fresh things! Until then, tips are always welcome via [email protected]

  33. Lion Cub (2015) :)

    oh, and the video was spectacular.

  34. Amanda

    Idk why I never even found a link to this video...all I got was a link to a letter that I had to scan to figure out whether or not I got in...I did. :)
    I really want to see it, too...
    Kind of late notice here, but oh

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