Lerner Ramps Are Alive With The Bustle Of Free Food

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Cookies! Cider!

Hark! UEM has free cookies and cider until 3, Stressbusters is giving out free massages until 2, there’s something DDR-related in the Piano Lounge, Habitat for Humanity is selling (!) cookies and has a petition, and people from the B-School are giving away free snacks. IN EXCHANGE FOR YOUR SOUL. Sike. Just go eat. It’s been a long week.

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  1. Emma Watson  

    Massages until 2?? BWOG YOU POSTED THIS NEWS AT 1:49!!! WHERE IS JUSTICE!!!

  2. Neitzsche  

    God is dead. Also, that Sound of Music reference was sort of lame. Holla.

  3. Piano Lounge  

    wasn't DDR - it was xbox360 kinect...[email protected] Finals Chillout! (And the food was awesome!)

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