Goodnight, Sweet Prince

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This just in from an anonymous tipster:

hey bwog,

just wanted to let you know that at 4:20 pm, I bought the last case of four loko from Crack Del. I checked with the cashier and he confirmed that I got the last ones. it’s the end of an era.

Good night, and good luck.

Update, 6:30: Well, we spoke too soon. A Bwogger just saw “cases and cases” of this sweet elixir being unloaded from a blue truck and carried into HamDel CrackDel. And we live on to fight another day.

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  1. The whole reason

    The whole reason Columbia is in this debacle is because they banned four loko. It was the cornerstone of the Columbia society. Now, this society is crumbling...

  2. Every time I see...

    Every time I see "anonymous tipster" I misinterpret it as "anonymous hipster"

    • Hipsters Anonymous

      Columbia should have a chapter. God damn NYU infecting all of us.

    • Van Owen

      Hipsters exist only to give the rest of the world something to point their fingers at and laugh. Plaid is so damn 1991. Tight pants aren't cool anymore, and where are all the true thugs? Damn, Kayne West doesn't scare me at all, but every member of the Wu-Tang could smash you with just a glance. The world is getting soft. I tip my Four Loko to your memory cruel world. Hipsters are douching it up one pair of Ray-Bans at a time.

  3. Anonymous


  4. Anonymous  

    Bahamas bodega on Lasalle and Broadway is still stocked to the brim

  5. Anonymous

    That's a fitting time.

  6. idk..

    they told me i got the last one too.

  7. Roughly 6 inches...

    is the size of 1/2 of a subway

  8. Jigsaw

    yes, lets play a game

  9. I call bullshit.  

    They were trying to say these were the last 4lokos weeks ago. Don't think they haven't overstocked - they know then can sell every one they buy.

  10. Best Article Title  


  11. What's up with  

    the philly cheese steak from crack deli? When are they going to fix that frieken grill?

  12. Anonymous

    I gotta case last night

  13. Hipsters Anonymous  

    I just want to note that I got the last 9 Four Lokos at Crack Del. RIP Four Loko. Time to stock up at Bahama Bodega and take a mini trip to Harlem. Stock up for the armageddon...

  14. 4/20

    Bacchanal movie screening!!!!

  15. LIES  

    I just went to HamDel. Either I didn't know where to look, or there was no 4Loko

  16. Anonymous  

    but english doesn't have cases!


    • Anonymous  

      It does occasionally. Like he and him? Maybe that's off-base I'm not an English grammar expert.

      • language nerd  

        no no you're right! she/her/hers and he/him/his (also I/me/mine, and the other person pronouns) are emaciated remnants of a case system in english, but we're talking serious ancient fossils.

        pronouns are a pretty resilient grammatical category (that said, english did lose it's 2nd person plural, so not TOO resilient...) which is presumably why case was preserved there but fell away everywhere else in the language.

        so yes, english has some i supposed that what i meant is that it doesn't have a case SYSTEM. :)

  17. ryan  


  18. No more 4loko guys  

    I'm selling, $10 a can.

  19. arparp

    It's probably the new formula sans caffeine, suckers.

  20. wait

    how does the track button work

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