Campo “Modifying” Their Late Night Arrangements

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EC, Heights or... Eh, Mel's I guess

Friends, if you are debating where to go tonight, consider that this Saturday might be Campo’s last. After hearing rumors that Campo is going to be shut down, Bwog called the restaurant for comment. The gentleman who picked up the phone was emphatic that the restaurant isn’t going anywhere, but continued, “We are simply modifying our late night arrangements.”

It turns out that Michael Wetherbee, the man who coordinates Campo’s late night scene, is “moving on to different opportunities.” We also spoke to Rashad, another manager at Campo, who said that due to Mike’s absence, “We don’t have anyone to coordinate late night the way it has been.” This means that right now, they are unsure whether or not the college bar scene will die down completely in the future or if they will hire someone to pick up where Mike left off.

There will be a “last night hurrah” for Mike at the bar tonight, so go out there and make some memories!

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  2. Anonymous  

    have to say that I'm pretty upset about this.

  3. GASP  

    Will Columbia students actually have to venture out into scary NYC, past 3 blocks away from their cozy dorms, possibly take a SUBWAY with other people, to head ... dare I say it ... DOWNTOWN ?!?!?!? This is a catastrophy! Why isn't this news as big as the drug bust or sex scandal? It clearly affects the student body more ...

    (disclaimer: sarcasm used heavily above)

  4. Perhaps  

    Columbians will finally realize that there's much better nightlife beyond Morningside. It's time to explore what downtown Manhattan has to offer! And trust me, you can always find places that don't card. Otherwise, you might now consider getting that fake...

  5. irreplaceable  

    Campo can't be replaced. It's a close knit family and that no bar can offer. Michael we will miss you and all you have done to make this place so beloved

  6. naughty boy  

    does that mean Laura will have to pay her bill? hahahah

  7. hmm  

    EC, Heights or........

  8. Eliza  (Bwog Staff)

    We're deleting comments on this post that make accusations about Campo or Michael Wetherbee and that suggest places to get fakes/bars that don't card. Trying to have the War on Fun die peacefully.

  9. Anonymous  

    There goes my free steak dinners and endless drinks. I'll miss you Mr. Wetherbee ;)

  10. ugh  

    if this makes 1020 even more crowded i'm gonna cut someone

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