1. Anonymous  

    How would Butler like it if we relocated all THEIR unattended books and computers?

  2. wow  

    They're creepin on yo spot
    they're snatchin yo things all up
    so you'd better
    hide your books, hide your macs
    hide your boooks hide your macs
    and hide your altoids/sweetarts too

  3. wait so,  

    is there some time limit? If I leave a crowded room in the library for ten minutes to get a notebook, will I return to find I've been "relocated," while in a lesser-used study room I'd be able to leave for six hours without being "caught?" How exactly is this enforced/measured?

    This may be a bad idea.


      If you can afford to go pee, you don't want it bad enough.

      I'm coming for you next, punk-ass.

    • simple  

      it's the way all vigilante justice systems work. however the vigilantes happen to feel at that moment in time, that's the standard they'll judge you by. i, for one, can't wait until we've started our own little french revolution in butler!

    • ya srsly  

      Since this policy is meant to reduce camping, not bathroom breaks, this should be a notice that someone saw your stuff unattended and is GOING to move it - say in 10 minutes - rather than an unforgiving "Notice of Relocation."

      That way you can also address the phenomenon of one person saving every spot at a table for their friends while they grab dinner / sleep at night because then their friends have no excuse if they don't return during the short window of time (and the spot-saver can't be passive aggressively angry at you).

  4. non sequitur

    hide your kids and hide your wife cuz they rapin everybody out here.

  5. hey

    does anyone have a tampon i could borrow? i've got a pretty heavy flow right now...

  6. God dammit.  

    Butler just closed, except for the 24-hour spots. Of course, those spots have all been taken since noon today.

    Closing at 6pm on Saturday the week before finals? For a school that prides itself on academic excellence, this is bullshit.

  7. Anonymous  

    Does someone know the official policy? This seems impossible to enforce correctly.

  8. If Butler Charged Rent  

    it would be too damn high.

  9. Hey ,  

    Can someone comment on the availability of seats at Butler right now? (Saturday Evening). Debating whether it is worth it to head over. Also, are any other lirbaries open right now?

  10. ok  

    seriously this is getting rediculous. We have to do something to get Harrison out of Jail now that his family wont. that is fucked up.

  11. anonymous  

    "this relationship is NOT symbiotic" hahahaha

  12. hey good song

    and my procrasination at Butler has no limits!

  13. I just thought of something....

    If you come back to your spot after leaving (to take care of business, get food, etc) and see someone taking your laptops and books, wouldn't it be pretty awkward?

    I know if I were the one coming back to see someone taking my stuff, the first thing I'd be thinking is Butler thief...

  14. Damn  

    They WANT us to fail, don't they?

  15. save bill gates' money

    The best book I ever read was Dante's Inferno.

  16. save bill gates' money

    What, Crime and Punishment was better?

  17. save bill gates' money

    do you know it did not happen?
    h may be better off - off campus - sorry, ms de carla, this one's difficult
    anyway, trust must be earned, and when, most often, deservedly so.

  18. Seriously??  

    "How would Butler like it if we relocated all THEIR unattended books and computers?"

    Really? That's Columbia student logic?

    Are you referring to the \unattended books and computers\ that are put in their proper place for the sole benefit of other people--people such as yourself, for example? How on earth is that the same as someone spreading out their personal property over a public space and then leaving it all there so that no one else can use that space?

    I would really love that explanation from someone.

  19. bloop  

    Well, it would seem that the library has already taken some responsibility for patrons' stuff....since they took it upon themselves to move them.

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