Bwoglines: Zeitgeist Edition

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This may or may not adequately capture the zeitgeist

In case you missed it, SantaCon participants gathered in large Santa-costume-clad groups across the US and went on a pub crawl. Bad Santa! (CBS)

In other “Holiday Season” news, lobby decorations have become an increasingly contentious topic in apartment buildings across the city. (NYT)

New Jersey’s black bear hunt is a boon to taxidermists and butchers across the Garden State. (WSJ)

Modern Times raise Modern Questions. Modern Questions require Modern Answers. Should you Google at dinner? (NYT)

The Daily News has details on the quantities of drugs found after Tuesday morning’s arrests: Coles had a pound and a half of weed, Klein had four oz. of pot, three bottles of LSD and over $4,000 cash, Wymbs had Ecstasy, a bottle of LSD and 40 SweeTARTS laced with LSD, and David had a half-pound of weed. Perez is accused of selling Adderall and Ecstasy. (Daily News)

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    "But the charitable buffalo fell flat." Genius.

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    bwog, TIP: you can track criminal court cases at NYS courts' webcrims page:

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