Printer Armageddon

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THERE ARE NO PRINTERS WORKING ANYWHERE! If you know where there is a functioning printer, put it in the comments and help out your printerless brethren.

UPDATE: Some printers are now working, according to Owl Printers. It’s not Armageddon, there are just more broken printers than usual.

Here’s the official word from CUIT:

At approximately 3:15 PM today (Sunday, December 12), we began receiving complaints about slowness on Morningside’s data network affecting various systems. Cubmail, SSOL, NINJa terminals, and CourseWorks are among the affected services. Technicians are currently working to resolve the issue. A follow-up service alert will be sent out when this has been resolved.

The alert was posted at 3:15…

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  1. what  

    are you talking about? butler compute rlab, lerner, everywhere...

  2. Anonymous  

    yo people hit up the VAG

  3. Anonymous  

    They're all back!

  4. bloop  

    O how I'd love to go Office Space on those printers on the third floor of Butler.

  5. Does Anybody Know  

    how I can get to Harmony? butt?

  6. First names for $500  

    First names for $500, Alex. "This sophomore started the first online printing status website for Columbia University." Hu is David? Correct.

  7. duh  

    Is primal scream tonight?

  8. angry at butler  

    why do some idiot students use the one terminal at the printing station in 209 to edit their papers while people are waiting?

    • Anonymous

      Because there's a typo in that sentence. Oh, and that sentence doesn't have the right flow, better edit it. But that affects the footnote placement. Oh, and I need a completely new introduction paragraph. Oh, and I need to rewrite the whole second half. It'll only take a minute or two.

  9. angrier than you!  

    and the problem is that the other terminals are screwing up the printing instructions so for 20 minutes this \person\ is cluelessly screwing up her fellow students.

    makes all my most non-progressive thoughts come to the fore!

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