Last Call for Closing Remarks

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Today is the last day of class. Nuggets, CULPA and otherwise, abound! As per tradition, at the end of the semester we want to hear your professor’s closing remarks.

Your professors will say something (they read Bwog! they know what’s up). If it’s mundane/erotic/humorous or pithy in any form, pass it on to [email protected], or subject it to the whims of Bwog’s readership by leaving it in the comments.

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  1. Anonymous

    Yo bwog, what are the lights dancing in the sky above Uris from?

  2. Rebecca Fittle, Art Hum  

    Frank Lloyd Wright's wife and children were murdered... Like, brutally. With an axe.

    [long pause]

    I guess you could say he was the Jennifer Hudson of his time...

  3. anon  

    "we should really have a class on how to fuck" - marcellus andrews

  4. Beau Shaw - CC  

    So...did any of you spend the weekend in jail?

  5. Evan Neely, Art Hum  

    I have nothing more to say about art. Now you have to look at it yourself and figure it out. Actually no, go get a drink now. Tomorrow, look at art.

  6. Anonymous  

    this man is a degenerate, someone please fire him now.

  7. anonymous  

    But I don't wanna end the class talking about nazis, so here's a picture of the simpsons.

  8. How about....Professor David Epstein

    "and I told that degenerate boyfriend of my daughter's, if there is anyone thats gonna have sex with my daughter, it's gonna be me!"

  9. randall balmer  

    after passing out the final and leaving the TA to proctor: "all right....well....have a nice life!"

  10. nk  

    You had the sea, the ocean, the Poles...

  11. Christia Mercer (Lit Hum)  

    "Rock, paper, scissors, penises! ...and vaginas! it's the end of the semester, anything goes!"

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