1. there are  

    so many people partying tonight! finals just started guys! you've got more papers next week! what's going on?

  2. Flying Ace

    Some people already had the majority of their finals/papers....

    4 down, 1 to go :D

  3. Go ahead

    Party it up artsy kids, math/science/eng./econ. is mostly next week.

  4. ...  

    that's wonderful. welp, i'm going off now to stuff loads and loads of paper down the toilet.

  5. let them party  

    they are all going to fail their exams and give us higher grades, but when we resume partying again next week after exams our gpa's will be higher :)

  6. Anonymous  

    When's Orgo night?

  7. She probably has zits

    pizza face

  8. Dirty Mind  

    when I'm drunk, i like to put my face somewhere else that begins with a 'p'

    • Anonymous, well..I...I'm not sure why it struck me the way it did, but your comment raises some real questions for me that I'd like to put forward:

      Seriously? That's your joke? That's all the two things have in common? Their first letter? What drove you to post this, let alone come up with it? Did it seem clever when you thought of it? Did you imagine other people laughing at it? Riffing on it? Thumbing it up? Who are you? Have I seen you before? What real person can I imagine as the one who thought this was a funny connection to draw? Did pizza really make you think of pussy?

      I'm sorry, Dirty Mind. I really don't want to sound mean - I don't even really ever post on Bwog. I just want you to understand the kind of dizzying, maybe even nauseating, series of thoughts that your comment brought out in me.

      • hmmm

        talk about projection. whoever wrote that comment could have easily referred to penis. stop being a prude.

        • Anonymous  

          You're right, hmmm. That's definitely true. I hadn't really thought about the fact that Dirty Mind might have been talking about putting his or her face near a penis. That's definitely worth pointing out, and I realize I should have spent a little more time interpreting the joke before I cast judgment on it. Maybe Dirty Mind can clarify what he meant, or explain whether the ambiguity was intentional or not.

          Also, hmmm, I'm not sure what you mean when you say I should stop being a prude. I love dick and pussy jokes as much as the next guy (or girl, excuse me), and didn't mean to give any impression otherwise. I was hoping to get across my difficulty in seeing how the joke could be funny, or how the joke's author might have thought of it as funny before posting. I do appreciate your comment, though, and I hope this clears up what I intended to say. Thank you!

      • My God

        Don't you seem like a fun person to be around?

        Add me on Facebook; we'll poke each other. It'll be awesome.

    • That would be  

      Porcelain toilet bowl, obviously

  9. Anonymous  

    put it in the pizza!

  10. Anonymous  

    real brooklyn pizza

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