Don’t You DARE Think There Are Any Seats in Hamilton

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CUZ THERE AREN’T. ANY. Or in Butler. And no one is gonna let you forget it. Observe:

Signs from left to right read: “This Room is in use!,” “DO NOT DISTURB!,” DO NOT TOUCH CHALKBOARD PLEASE,” “OCCUPIED!” and “TAKEN.”

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  1. amazing  

    how easily the thin veneer of civility dissolves away. Repent, the end is near!

  2. wow.

    I instantly hate all of these people. Not even like its that bad.. just like I can't imagine someone more annoying than the people who'd make those signs.

  3. heh  

    I have a classroom all to myself and no signs are needed.
    SEAS for the win.

  4. I was going to study...

    ...but now I'm going to run around Hamilton, purposely looking for "occupied" rooms to disturb.

  5. been there  

    done that. if experience proves correct, the custodians will probably erase their boards anyways since it's their job and they don't give a shit about the signs. but i hope they've changed since last year!

  6. urgh.

    The worst are the inconsiderate few that use the rooms as a party spot. Wine bottles, tv shows, movies, (a boombox once last year) and just have themselves a grand old sleepover.

    Sound carries, asswipes.

  7. Alum

    There are more buildings with classrooms that Hamilton. Great spaces to study are rooms in IAB or Uris. And if you know how, you can even get in and out of Uris after the buildings doors are locked for the night.

  8. Anonymous  

    there needs to be more posts tagged with "bitches going crazy"

  9. Study break idea  

    Take all the signs down and replace them with signs that say "Study Break here! FREE COOKIES"

  10. Anonymous

    i bet all of those people were from Long Island

  11. ahh, the good old days

    ordering Indian takeout to Hamilton and using fake class call numbers to write a sign saying "REL 3302 Review Session" to post on the door.

    I recommend it.

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