Frontiers Of Science: It Ain’t Poetry

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Freshpeople! You tired, you poor, you huddled masses gathering to take the Frontiers final today: we promise, college isn’t always like this. To provide some last-minute assistance, here are some haikus sent by one of your own. If you have other haikus, Frontiers-related or otherwise, leave ’em in the comments. Good luck, friends!

Two distributions
Significantly different?
Check the error bars

Making assumptions
We’re not being judgmental
Just reasonable
Living on islands
You might meet a relative
No alternatives

Saw a shooting star?
If you are a dinosaur
Your end is coming.

Spiral galaxies
Beyond ours, more are lurking
future cannibals?

Action potentials
The currency of our thoughts
Small spikes make big waves

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  1. Anonymous  

    YES. This video is a win. Not looking forward to the exam later, but I'm sure it will be fine...

  2. peter demenocal  

    Positive feedback
    Fewer clouds mean warmer temps
    Ad infinitum

  3. Ut

    Anyone know what's going on with incest raper Epstein?

  4. Haha  

    sexy SEAS boy... as if :)

  5. Anonymous  

    this song helped get me through frosci

  6. Anonymous  

    Why is this posted on a Sunday? I don't remember the Frontiers of Science final being on a Sunday. I woke up, started surfing the internet, saw this, and freaked out. The article says "to take the Frontiers final today," and I suddenly became terrified that I had the days wrong. Not cool, Bwog.

  7. t-test  

    Like so much else in frontiers, that bs they told us about the error bars is completely wrong.

    • Nicholas Christie-Blick

      't-test' is welcome to contact me by email, to detail specific instances of Frontiers of Science 'bs' that are 'completely wrong.' However, I suspect that he or she may not have internalized one of the course's take-home messages (the value of approximations), not to mention the need to communicate with the entire first-year class and not only with self-identified science students.

  8. uhhhh  

    WHY is there no water in Schapiro right now? Some people may be too frantic to shower, but I'd really like one.

  9. freshmen are great  

    you can pass off 5-year-old reni lane videos as new! and they are none the wiser! oh how clever reni lane! Oh this meal plan is required? Well that sounds fine, i'm sure its reasonably priced and I won't have $400 dollars of meals left at the end of the year! Yay school!

    • confused  

      how does remembering and respecting tradition support the myopic view that leads people to embrace jj's going on the meal plan and closing at 1? the same impulse that leads us to show freshpeople what happened 5 years before they came here also inspires us to show them that shit was not always like this, and they should not assume that they've always been as restricted as they are now.

  10. Anonymous

    give my komment a thumbs up if you would TAP DAT HARRD

  11. mc wilf  

    here's a rap i recorded when i was a freshman studying for frontiers. uploaded for your amusement

  12. lesbian  

    She's really hot. You don't get a lot of girls like that at this school...

    Can't say I liked the song, though.

  13. Anonymous

    "sexy seas boys" is an oxymoron...

  14. Anonymous

    who is the blond chick in the clip?

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