PSA: O’Connell’s Is Where People Find True Love

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Bummer-ama in Sunday Styles today: Carol Anne Riddell and John Partilla got married last month after meeting in their children’s pre-K class and then leaving their respective spouses for each other. Oof! But the real news: they had their first date at O’Connell’s, which is, as a physical entity, the opposite of Love. Riddell and Partilla also had their wedding after-party there. The world…it’s upside-down!

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  1. anon  

    Can't believe they asked the times to feature their story- so unthoughtful to their previous spouses.

  2. tag quote

    Sex and the City... DUH

  3. Womp  

    Wait. Sleezes in O'Connells?

  4. Student Pumped for Orgo Night  

    LOL O'Connell's! This should be good material for an orgo night joke or two.

    Hey when is orgo night again? Tonight, right?

  5. too soon  

    i can't tell if you're kidding or not, but orgo night was wednesday night...

  6. Anonymous  

    wait, is primal scream tonight?

  7. ugh  

    If a guy took me to Cannons on a first date I would scream. Then again, I wouldn't be a whore who left my husband for the hottie at back to school night.**

    **finals make me hate love

  8. Anonymous  

    “He doesn’t walk in, he explodes in.” - that's what she said.

  9. Ridiculous  

    "“I’ve fallen in love with you,” he recalled saying to her. She jumped up, knocking a glass of beer into his lap, and rushed out of the bar. Five minutes later, he said, she returned and told him, “I feel exactly the same way.” Then she left again."

    That quote is hilarious.

    Also, this story is disgusting. If you're in a committed marriage you should stay that way, unless your spouse is really terrible to you. I can't believe the New York Times ran this as a romantic story.

    But O'Connell's is certainly appropriate for this couple.

  10. Goes to show that even

    Ms. Columbia Campus gang bang finds love and can get married multiple times. So no worries to those following in their footsteps.

  11. Anonymous

    Am I the only one who was appalled by the wedding announcement on NYT? Such a lack of class and discretion!

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