Overseens: Panic

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A wise man once said, “Nobody said it was easy/no one ever said it would be so hard.”

Here is some funny stuff people have done in the last few days, because, you know, it’s rough out there.



  1. Anonymous


  2. "The Scientist"  

    By Coldplay! I've basically been listening to this song on loop for the past two weeks. Thanks for getting me, Bwog.

  3. the chalkboard  

    ..needs to be framed for such beauty

  4. A freshperson  

    Dear Bwog,
    The semester is basically over, and I still don't know what grade I have in any of my classes. Is there a way I can find out my grades?

  5. Isn't that like  


  6. yo bwog

    some guy from the company is giving out free sobe water between 113th and 114th on broadway

  7. hey bwog  

    wanna do a carsplit psa??

  8. Anonymous  

    that dino is LEGIT

  9. how do i  

    send my sketches to bwog?

  10. what happened to  

    the photos of butler camping??

  11. Harmony Hunter

    I am responsible for all of these.

  12. Anonymous

    wait...what's funny about the "happy birthday" picture?

  13. I'd guess  

    The first picture is definitely someone in the Joyce class.

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