1. Appalled Freshman

    I could've gotten killed, or raped, and no one would have noticed.

  2. Anonymous  


  3. Anonymous  


    I shouldn't have left 403 15 minutes before midnight. Damn my M2M Pocari Sweat craving!

  4. who was singing  

    a song about poop in the butler men's stalls tonight?

  5. Momma's boy  

    Well, I screamed mommy but no one listened

  6. wowlame  

    howd they all leave that guy hanging in 403...not cool

  7. Senior

    I don't know who's behind the reigns, but bwog has been on fire this semester. So many daily posts, stuff I actually want to read, granted we've had a few crises too--that's always good for business-- but this is the first year where I find myself checking out so much.

  8. Anonymous  

    global warming

  9. anyone down

    for butler sex?

  10. another  

    appropriate place for a "bitches going crazy" tag

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