The Night the Moon Went Away

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People said some funny stuff while they watched the Lunar Eclipse last night.

One man, all within a minute, on Low Plaza: “The moon is bleeding! The moon is disguised as Mars. The moon is hiding from Venus.”

More questions and observations from the 150-ish people gathered to watch the sky eat itself:

(At 2:05 AM) “We’re just waiting for the world to end. I think we’ve got another hour.”

“Dude, did you pregame the Lunar Eclipse?”

“I’m so cold. I definitely should have worn underwear tonight.”

Eclipse photos by Peter Sterne and anonymous tipsters, man asleep under Butler mural by Mariela Quintana

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  1. You  

    missed the \It looks like a giant peach!\ guy.

  2. Mediocre Art Hum Student  

    The dude sleeping under the Butler mural looks like one of those Christ entombed paintings

  3. Guess what bwog  

    I'm done bitchesssssss done with finals fuck finals, cuz im done. now i got absolutely nothing to do.

  4. merry christmas

    It was santa's sleigh passing by the moon..

  5. Anonymous  

    "Go MOON! You did it!" ~Some Girl
    "Looks photoshopped. I can tell by the pixels. Yup, definitely photoshopped." ~Some Guy

  6. To the Kid with the Red Blanket

    The pattern on yo socks is ridiculous!

  7. pregaming  

    the moon = way more fun than studying for my final

  8. Anonymous  

    As some kids break out in a drunken stupor of Roar Lions Roar someone goes "SHUT IT. Trying to watch the moon over here."

  9. Peter Sterne

    is a major creepster, yo.

  10. Anonymous  

    "Dammit, I was going to show her my full moon. And then deffract light off her body with mine."

  11. Ben and Emily  

    are the cutest people ever. That's just, like, one of the greatest photographs of two of the greatest people. Ever.

  12. emily

    is so pretty. in that picture. and always.

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