‘Twas the Night Before the Night Before the Night Before the Night Before the Night Before Christmas…

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When all through the library,
Not a student was stirring, not even in 209.
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
A man dressed as Santa, giving little treats to CCers and Engineers!

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  1. Anonymous  

    Aw, the one time I study in my room...

    That's very cute, though!

  2. Hooah  

    This. Is. Great. Props for genuine kindness!

    • genuine kindess?!?

      pfft he did it because it makes him feel good inside. Psychological Egoism at its worst!

      • haaa  

        fantastic . so true

      • Anonymous  

        life is more satisfying if i ignore that altruism doesn't exist as traditionally defined. It's good that we understand these things psychologically, but I will still be imprecise and find sources of intuitive happiness in the (seemingly) unselfish acts of others

        • genuine kindness?!?

          I think that altruism does exist. Psychological egoism; the idea that I can't value someone else intrinsically so true altruism does not exist, that all altruistic acts are fundamentally self serving in some way even if it is just to give me a good feeling inside, is a pretty weak position imho. It can easily be countered with the question, "if I can't value someone else intrinsically then why would helping them make me feel good inside?"

        • Anonymous  

          Yes. First of all, the 'want' to help others is an altruistic desire. Of course, we can reframe every action as acting off of a desire, and claim that the satisfaction of that desire is inevitably selfish, but this is a self-fulfilling prophecy; a circular definition; a philosophically boring way of thinking.

          It seems perfectly fair to say that my desire to help others is a selfless desire, regardless of whether that desire gets satisfied or not and how it makes me feel. I simply 'want' to help that lady pick up the stuff that she just spilled. I simply 'want' to see someone else smile. I simply 'want' to stop suffering. These wants come first; they are more fundamental and primordial to the attempt to rationalize them as some self-serving, calculated way of thinking. The fact that the human race has these desires at all makes us (at least) partially 'altruistic creatures.' suck itttttt.

  3. Harmony Hunter

    whaa... that's me! didn't know people were taking photos. that's just what i typically wear/do.

  4. M.S.  

    Oh, of course he did. I guess I don't deserve to see Santa and get candy.
    I just get to work on exams from 9am to midnight and then awkwardly dodge eye contact with a hookup from early in the semester as he strolls through the ref room.
    Dammit, Columbia. Dammit all to hell.

  5. Anonymous  

    The title of this article made me LOL. Props.

  6. This was

    the best thing to happen to me so far this week.

  7. Disappointed  

    ...that I missed this! That's really cute though.

  8. FOUR  

    FOR YOU, GLEN COCO! YOU GO GLEN COCO! And none for Gretchen Wieners.

  9. ...  

    He should have handed out basic hygiene items like soap. or frebreeze. Butler smells like unwashed bodies and fear during finals.

  10. Ben Weiner

    probably did it to be all look how cool and funny and quirky I am.

  11. VDB  

    Thank you, Ben, for being you

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