Early Decision Stats: Lots of People Want to Go to Columbia

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Halp! More numbers! Some fun facts about this year’s crop of CC/SEAS Early Decision applicants:

Columbia received a total of 3,229 Early Decision applications this year (final after adjustments)
  • 632 students, or 19.57% of the ED pool, were admitted
  • 696 students, or 21.55% of the ED pool, were deferred to the Regular Decision pool
  • ED applications increased 8% from the previous year’s total of 2,983

And a word from Jessica Marinaccio, Dean of Undergrad Admissions and Decider of the Fates:

“The largest number of Early Decision candidates in our history applied to Columbia College and Columbia Engineering this year, resulting in an 8% overall increase in applications. This is the first cohort who applied to Columbia using The Common Application and Columbia Supplement, and we were thrilled to provide even greater access to students from a variety of backgrounds. From towns of 600 people in the Midwest to large cities in the Middle East; from students who are the first in their families to go to college to students who will be the third generation in their families to attend Columbia; from students who grew up blocks from Columbia’s campus to students who have never been to New York City before – students are joining us from every corner of the world and from every ethnic, religious, and socioeconomic background. We eagerly anticipate the dynamic contributions they will make in our classrooms, on our playing fields, in our science and engineering labs and on the Columbia and global stages, and we look forward to reviewing the Regular Decision applications of students seeking to join them in Columbia’s Class of 2015.”

Some statistics for the Class of 2014 here.

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  1. Anonymous

    what has the ED admission rate been in the past couple years?

  2. ED suckers!1

    now they've got you...

  3. Correction

    The title should read: "Lots of People Still Want to Go to Columbia."

    Those who got rejected should drown their sorrows in our bad press. Anything to soothe the pain.

  4. Superficial  

    This statement makes it sound like the only thing the admissions office reads on every application is the mailing address.

  5. alum

    congrats to the students that were admitted, columbia officially has the most selective early decision program in the country. that is something to simultaneously be proud of and hopeful, if even with some tepid feelings about what it might mean (or not mean).

    at least from my perspective, as someone who knows and respects the work of the admissions office - i know how hard it was for them to get to the class they selected in early. it is quite impressive feat.

  6. yeah

    oops, that was meant for alum above

  7. alum

    what about Barnard's early decision rate? shouldn't we count them since they're de facto Columbia students anyway?

  8. goddamnit

    all i wanted for christmas was to get into columbia.

    fuck you santa :(


    bah. i still love columbia. even though it doesn't love me. >.>

  9. Anonymous

    I think it's really lame that Columbia's gone on to the Common App. Columbia's application was the most unique/interesting I filled out during applications.

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