Hank McVicar, SEAS ’10, Passes Away

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Bwog received very sad news today about a recent death in the Columbia community. Hank McVicar, SEAS ’10, died in a car accident on January 3. We offer our deepest condolences, and our thoughts are with Hank’s family and friends.

At this difficult time, Columbia offers resources for support: you can contact the Center for Student Advising at 212-854-6378, Counseling and Psychological Services at 212-854-2878, the Office of the University Chaplain at 212-854-1493, Nightline at 212-854-7777, or Residential Programs at 212-854-6805.

We welcome you to share memories of Hank respectfully in the comments.


  1. blarg

    hot damn that kid's dad has an IMDB profile for him. shit.

  2. Anonymous

    Didn't he graduate last year?

  3. Can someone

    upload a pic of this kid? or link to his fb? My heart goes out to his family.

  4. Only

    hung out with Hank once or twice but he seemed like an incredibly genuine guy. My heart goes out to his family

  5. Serg

    Hank was a great guy in my Japanese class last fall. He told me hilarious stories of Tokyo that helped me make the decision to study abroad this year. Hank, I wish I got to know you better. RIP

  6. Anonymous

    lived in john jay near him freshman year. i remember he was into hip hop, especially 2pac and common, and the lakers. type of guy who went to bed every night at 5AM. great dude, really sad loss

  7. RIP

    I hope wherever he is, Hank is in peace.

    Condolences to his family and friends.

  8. Anonymous

    Hank lived on my floor in Furnald a couple years ago, and he seemed like a wonderful guy. I wish I had gotten to know him a bit better. Rest in peace, Hank, and to his family and friends, I am extremely sorry for your loss.

  9. Anonymous

    Hank was in my Gateway Lab group freshman year (and we actually all got along, believe it or not). Rest in peace, Hank. Condolences to his family.

  10. Maisy McVicar

    I'm Hank's sister and I must say, aside from the few ridiculously stupid and disrespectful comments, this board is really great. It is nice to know he affected so many people. You all were lucky to know him. Thanks to whomever posted this.

  11. Marissa Carter

    Hank must have been a talented and heartfelt friend t o many, many people. I am a friend of his dad's, and I must say I am very impressed at how many people liked Hank, loved Hank and will certainly miss him deeply. Thanks for all the love for Hank, RIP.

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