Gates Are No!

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6-10 inches of delicious

Snowpocalypse 2011! Blizzardgeddon 2: Electric Boogaloo! In case you haven’t heard, the worst snowstorm this year has ever seen will hit New York tonight and bring a whopping… eh, 6-10 inches of snow.

But still, perhaps learning from Mayor Mike, Columbia is taking a few more precautions this time, issuing the following alert. Friends on campus, take note:

The University expects to maintain normal business operations tomorrow, Jan. 12.

However, given the probability of significant snowfall, only the gates at 116th Street at Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue will remain open on the Morningside campus starting Tuesday evening.

We encourage everyone to check back here for updates about the University’s status and schedule. Should there be any weather related closures or cancellations, they will be posted on the Columbia homepage at www.columbia.edu and the CUMC homepage at www.cumc.columbia.edu. Alternatively, you may call 212-854-1754 for the Morningside campus or 212-305-7300 for the Medical Center for updates.

As if our campus had a lot of shortcuts to begin with…

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  1. Attention everyone

    I don't really give a shit, i'm on vacation.

  2. CC '11

    In the great Bwog tradition of blatant thread-jacking, can someone explain graduation announcements to me? A friend of mine mentioned sending them out soon, and I'm a bit iffy on the implications-- are they just pleasant news items that I'm obligated to send to all my relatives, or do they come across as blatant requests for gifts?

    I also support snow, which is less ambiguous.

  3. 2012

    how does graduation work? are there tickets? how many? I'd really rather not have this be like major declaration, when we received info about 3 days before it was supposed to happen

  4. because it's important

    milano has 3 registers now....and only one door! the changes!!

  5. chill out...

    I'm guessing the name that prefaces your comment-- "2012"-- refers to your fears of an impending apocalypse and not to any actual affiliation with any class year of any undergraduate subdivision of Columbia University. Surely a student admitted by Columbia wouldn't need to receive an email in order to know that he/she had to declare a major. So in answer to your question, don't worry. You won't be needing tickets. Everyone will get called to the "graduation" by the powers that be when the time arrives.

  6. random question

    sorry not to have anything clever or on topic to say, but does anyone know if those of us studying abroad this semester still have to register?

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