1. Wow.

    Bwog is up really early.

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for reminding everyone who forgot, of course, at the expense of thanks who hadn't. I mean, couldn't you have at least waited until noon or later?

  3. Umm  

    Is SSOL down for anyone else?

  4. Senior  

    Wow... my last time ever having to register online and both SSOL and CULPA screwing up on me.

    Way to go, guys!

  5. Dammit Bwog

    You should have reminded us yesterday!

  6. Anonymous

    Anybody still missing grades?

  7. Anonymous

    This doesn't apply to Barnard students whose registration begins on the 14th.

  8. Anonymous

    Is CULPA down for anyone else?

  9. Down with CULPA  

    Ack. SSOL is slow and CULPA is down. Darn you CULPA! Now I can't tell if my profs suck or not.

  10. sleepy  

    CULPA totally a loss today. Anyone know a good science course for a humanities person who is terrified at the idea of taking a class in the sciences?


  11. Rawree  

    this is sadly the earliest I've been awake this past week :(

  12. Tryna Poli Sci  

    Any thoughts on when culpa will be back?

  13. you should take

    intro to psych or science of psych!

  14. guys  

    everybody get the fuck out of music and art hum for the love of god i need this

  15. ...

    Wait is Corp Fi still open only to Financial Econ majors? It's not full and I can't register for ittttt

  16. CULPA

    Sorry about the delay, guys -- server issues. We will be back in approximately three hours.

  17. CC2011  

    thoughts on alex mincek for music hum anyone?

  18. Anonymous

    Alan Stewart for Renaissance Lit -- good idea or bad? CULPA I NEED YOU

  19. CC Feb'11


  20. Anonymous  

    is there a kind soul out there with an art hum who would like to make this junior's semester?

  21. CULPA

    Apologies - we will be down the rest of this week but will be prepared for the start of the semester. We appreciate your patience.

  22. PE

    Can you petition to get into a PE class (they always seem full)? I'm studying abroad next semester and the study abroad office says I should try to get my PE credits done.

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