Motion to Invade Djibouti!

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A Bwogger discovered this mysterious note, reading “Anton Ivanovich Denkin. Move white army troops in strategic position around St. Petersberg (alla Petrograd). Granted.” Long-distance risk? Not exactly, Model UN is in full force this weeked. Overachieving high schoolers swarm campus! Bwogger and CMUNCE member Conor Skelding tells us committee notes aren’t always so PC. He received a rose note (yeah, they get roses…) asking to “invade Djibouti (pronounced ja-booty) with help of Greece.” But calm down children: another Bwogger’s high school was kicked out of its Model UN conference thanks to a racy note. Apparently not everyone cares to invest in Djibouti. Oh kids these days…

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  1. uhmm campus

    should do a real life risk game.. speaking of which, where's CU assassins?

  2. Anonymous

    This is lame and clutters BWOG's front page. I'd rather BWOG refrain from frivolous (and not highly amusing) posts as to not dilute its quality and reputation. Time wasted (mine and yours).

  3. I FOUND  

    it said:
    Permission to take Petrograd by force, Granted
    In the same handwriting!

    and it was from Deniken to the White Army
    something wicked this way comeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!

  4. anonymous CIRCAite  

    CMUNCE X ROCKED!!!!!!!!!

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