Bwoglines: Talking Smack Edition

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At last night’s Golden Globes, the rich and famous came together to celebrate themselves, while us normal people gawked and asked “who they wore?” Gervais hurt some feelings, Helena Bonham Carter wore two different shoes, and The Social Network took home 4 pretty trinkets. (We love you, Aaron Sorkin!)

This week in brouhahas, Amy Chua’s WSJ article, “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior,” ruffled feathers. Ayelet Waldman (better knows as wife of our author-crush, Michael Chabon) responded “In Defense of the Guilty, Ambivalent, Preoccupied Western Mom.” Finally, Chua “retreated“-ish in the NYTimes Sunday Style section. Apparently she does let her daughter have sleepovers after all. Just be thankful your moms don’t air your dirty laundry so publically (WSJ, NYTimes).

It’s a tough job market when even Jobs can’t keep his job (SFChronicle).

In a Newsweek article, linguistics prof John McWhorter aruges, “the world’s de facto international language will continue to be English.” (Newsweek)

The Jets won suckas! After all the smack, our boys stepped up. Bring it on Steelers! (ESPN)

And in the spirit of dead beats, we loved this obit for former Columbia prof Matthew Lipman. He conceived what was then a radical idea: teaching children philosophy (NYTimes).

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  1. Anonymous  

    The article is actually called "Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior." I'm not trying to be the Accuracy Police—it's just that the difference between one adjective and the other carries a lot of weight in this context.

  2. Man:

    I love John McWhorter. He is a bamf.

  3. huh

    nothing on the student who was assaulted and mugged in front of mcbain?

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