Early Phi Beta Kappa Inductees Announced!

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the key of champion minds

The first round of Phi Beta Kappa inductees were announced tonight! Illustrious inductees to PBK, the “nation’s oldest academic honor society,”  were elected last Fall, and will be initiated on January 27th.  More smarty-pants members will be announced in May. Bwog extends a hearty congratulations to all!

  • Abraham Allison
  • Stephen Blair
  • Bradley Collins
  • Gregory Cox
  • James Dawson
  • Anna Feuer
  • Samuel Frank
  • Qiujie Guo
  • Samuel Johnson
  • Katherine Lupica
  • Emma McGlennen
  • Jacob Miller
  • Anne Minoff
  • Michael Mirochnik
  • Alexander Perry
  • Jason Pflueger
  • Hechen Ren
  • Jenny Shen
  • Joanna Wang
  • Dasha Wise

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  1. CC2011  

    uhhhhhh i have a 3.99 and didnt get? wtf?

  2. !!

    katie lupica! i met her through ra stuff, what a doll. congrats katie!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous  

    This is so boring. Last semester I read you everyday, and I was studying abroad! Now, I'm back on campus where things should be hyper-relevant and exciting. Instead, your news seems less newsworthy. Your fun asides are no longer silly tid-bits that I would tell my friends over the course of the day. I mean, I won't even go into the complete lack of snark and wry humor that used to color even the most insignificant posts. All I can say is C'MON!! (You've probably even forgotten all about the classic Arrested Development lines we used to love...)
    Yearning for the Good Ole Days

  4. senior  

    uhh who are these ppl never heard of them before.

  5. One of the plebs  

    Brad Collins! Joanna Wang!

    This year's crop seems pretty high in cool, generally all-around awesome folks. Congrats!


    The real issue here is that I have found Stephan Vincenzo, he is clearly in this youtube video
    He has clearly run away to join the circus

  7. James Dawson


  8. CC 13  

    So are these the kids who get to work at Goldman? Or do we have to wait for "Columbia's 50 Most Beautiful" to come out?

  9. Anonymous  

    Does anyone notice that there aren't too many asians on the list?

  10. Anonymous  

    Congratulations, Emma!

  11. Anonymous  

    Jenny! You are incredible, congrats!

  12. I knew  

    that Stephan Blair was destined for greatness ever since I saw him read his wonderfully horrible poem at the Bad Poetry Competition in 2008.

  13. when  

    are the rest released?

  14. Anonymous

    Jason is a badassssss

  15. Anonymous

    jason is a balllllleeerrrr

  16. Anonymous  

    Congrats to all

  17. Joanna's

    last name, is wang

  18. Anonymous  

    what about the Barnard inductees? I know at least one person who was...


    Katie is awesome! I'm really excited for her production of The Saint Plays! If her performance in The Physicists and her direction of The Love Story of Myrtle Willougby etc. are any indication it should be amazing!

  20. Anonymous  

    2/20 are JJ10. Weird.

  21. Even though  

    two-thirds of this list is made up of totally socially anonymous people, clearly it does not matter, because they've accomplished a lot more so far than I have. Congrats to all, socially inactive or not

  22. Dear Katie Lupica,  

    you make MY heart go pitter-pat. Congrats!

  23. Sam Frank  

    isn't he that weirdo who is always trying to freestyle?

  24. Death's Door 2  


  25. Dasha Wise!


    you make me proud :]

  26. Anonymous  

    are international students (i.e non citizens of the US) not eligible?

  27. Bradley Collins  

    is legit.

  28. ValeDICtorian?  

    I hear Sam Frank has above a 4.0--and I'm not just talking about his GPA...

  29. Anonymous

    Annie Minoff is a genius and a sweetheart, best of both worlds. :)

  30. Anonymous  

    Katie Lupica definitely deserves to be here--had a class with her and she was wonderful. Congrats Katie!

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