Bwoglines: Bells and Whistles Edition

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Jared chillin' with Miley Cyrus. NBD

Most people don’t come to SEAS to “fall in love with celebrity culture.” Ā But Jared Eng, SEAS ’04, left Columbia reaching for the real life stars. Dubbed “the nice Perez Hilton”Ā in an NYTimes profile, Eng writes the wildly successful celeb gossip blog, Just Jared. (NYT)

The Sundance film festivalĀ kicked off last night. If you can’t find time to jet over to Utah, many of the films are availableĀ on Youtube. (Sundance)

Chuckle at this ridiculously accurate parody of a NYTimes most-emailed story. Fact: the most popular stories on the NYTimes website usually relate to college, parenting and/or Jewish things. (The Awl)

A massive pre-dawn NYPD and FBI sweep resulted in the arrests of over 100 mobsters. This “superbust” leads to “superindictments” and not so super problems. (Slate)

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  1. is it bad  

    that i'm disappointed at the arrest of the mobsters? i thought they were better than that.

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