Wrestling for Equality

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Sports news, for real! Hudson Taylor, Columbia’s new assistant wrestling coach, is pretty awesome. A three-time all-American wrestler while at the Division I University of Maryland, Taylor is also ardent supporter of LGBT equality in athletics. While we at Bwog don’t know what a lot of sports-related terms mean for sure (all-American? Division what?), we can tell he has very impressive credentials.

He picked up some press over the break for a video contribution he made back in September to the “It Gets Better” project (Obama did it too!), advocating support for athletes who face discrimination on the basis of their sexual orientation. In college, Taylor supported renowed LGBT advocacy group, the Human Rights Campaign, by wrestling with their logo on his helmet. Now Taylor makes an individual effort to encourage equality and respect for all athletes, through his own website, Athlete Ally, where athletes, parents, coaches, and fans alike can sign a pledge to join the cause. There’s a lot of negative news out there, but we like to think the compassionate people prevail.

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  1. thanks for this  

    truly a local hero... wow... i am impressed!

  2. Anonymous  

    why is it that during finals week, everyone was either getting arrested or having sex with their daughters and now when i have all the time in the world to read bwog, it's boring.

  3. yayay  

    Whatup UMD! Go terps. (Is that how you cheer for a school with real sports? I've been here too long)

    • haha

      yet you get a second rate education there...i wonder whats more important? since you're at columbia now?

      • yayay  

        All jokes! I know Columbia has some talented athletes and you can get a great education at UMD. I grew up a Terps fan and the difference in athletics-based school spirit between UMD and Columbia is pretty astonishing. That doesn't mean we love Columbia any less, though! I think we show our love by criticizing, as most New Yorkers do.

  4. Anonymous  

    omg I want him in my mouth

  5. Anonymous  

    Marry me, Hudson

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