Overseen: Forrest Gump Edition

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While Mr. Gump might beg to differ on the issues, life, and chocolate, tips from around campus have given us a pretty good guesstimate of what boxed goods you’d find awaiting you, depending on the day of the week.

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  1. I hope I get my package

    for 15 Dr. Peppers.

  2. Annoyed  

    I wish that I had boxed goods waiting for me. Unfortunately, the Package Center doesn't have it's act together, and I don't have any of my books for this semester, even though I ordered them weeks ago.

  3. I miss mail!  

    Apparently NO student mail is arriving on time. According to Lerner mail, the USPS recently switched its delivering schedule here, and not enough students have complained, so the USPS isn't taking things too seriously. Shoot an email to lernerhallmailservices@columbia.edu and they'll forward complaints to the USPS! Hopefully we can then all go back to getting our books, and New Yorker subscriptions on time!

    • Seriously, USPS stinks.

      I ordered a book from Amazon in September and they definitely shipped it on time - but a week later I still didn't have it. I called Amazon and they confirmed it had been sent, and told me to call the post office because it was probably sitting in a room somewhere. I did, and after a looong time on hold, lo and behold, the PO found it.

  4. but really  

    Coors Light?

  5. Coors  

    p.s. could you turn off recaptcha on the night of state of the union? It tooke me so long to figure those words out.

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