Butler: Full of Foolishness

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Since midterms are far off, Bwog knows you’ve avoided the sad place of Butler.  Hopefully you’ve only felt that singular blast of hot air in passing, rather than embraced it.  Hopefully you’ve only seen the dreary denizens thereof, rather than been one.  Whatever your Butler predilections, Bwog reminds you that Butler is both very alive as well as very, very rancid.  Behold the Red Stripe left on the benches, and unmentionables on Butler 5.  The semester has started.

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    Bwog should do these for the top floor of IAB. I find used condoms there all the time. I also walked into a classroom there which the remains of a two-thirty rack beer pong session strewn about the room and the words "Frat Harder" on the chalkboard.

    Butler ain't got shit on IAB.

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