Bwoglines: Signs of the Times Edition

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Pictured: the fauna of Morningside?

Lawmakers are considering a ban on the use of electronic devices while crossing streets.  Should we hold hands too? (NYT)

A peach-faced lovebird, native to southwest Africa was found in Morningside, and nobody knows where it came from. (DNAinfo)

Good news for B-school kids: apparently MBA job opportunities are on the rise.  (Bloomberg)

A trophy-for-everyone: 57% of NYC restaurants got an ‘A’ letter grade.  Some people like it, some don’t.  (NYPost)

A Bronxman’s car was seized by police on account of his son’s crime, so he drove it back home from the precinct and is mad he got arrested. (FoxNews)

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  1. SNOW!!!

    Classes cancelled today or what?

  2. Anonymous  

    the parrot was probably released by an owner. :'(

  3. .  

    I know exactly where it came from.

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