Courseworks: Out To (a Late) Lunch

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FYI from CUIT:

According to a message posted on the homepage, Courseworks will be down from 8 PM to 12 AM tonight.  Worry not, friends!  The IT powers that be say Courseworks is “working well,” but just needs some tweaking to “increase performance.”  So download that assignment now!  No need to  wait ’til ten o’clock and be a Procrastinating Patty!  Remember, last time Courseworks went down it took CUIT a bit longer than expected to get it back up, and we don’t want any unrest.  Full message below:

CourseWorks and Sakai will be unavailable TODAY Wednesday Jan 26th 2011 from 8 PM to 12 AM. At this time CourseWorks and Sakai will be moved to their own dedicated database servers. This is being done to ensure service reliability and increase performance. CourseWorks and Sakai are working well now and we continue to closely monitor them.
We regret the inconvenience this will cause (01/26/11 8:40am)

Update: According to its homepage, Courseworks will NOT be down for maintenance tonight after all. See the update below.

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  1. Actually

    No they say it wont be down. Check it out.

  2. Anonymous

    why would they do this during what are probably the busiest hours for the site? how about 2am-6am?

  3. Anonymous

    Why weren't they on their own dedicated servers in the first place?

  4. Anonymous  

    what is sakai?

  5. Anonymous  

    picture at the bottom isn't loading...

  6. Anonymous  

    what's sakai?

  7. Iron Chef  

    Hiroyuki Sakai

  8. CC11

    Leave it to Columbia to have mostly developed the replacement for courseworks by 2006, shelved it, and then make announcements about how it will be down along with courseworks for server improvements. They announced the start of Sakai in 2004 or something, and as far as I can tell, they've just never gotten around to finally launching it. You can log in, associate yourself with classes (mostly from when they were testing it in 2005-2006), but no one uses it because CUIT never officially finished it.

  9. wow

    did someone realize that they could setup a second DB server as an online replica, then promote it to master while running hot? omg!

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