Door Drama!

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A Bwogger passing by Wien this morning noticed this peculiar new addition to its architecture: the door on the right now has a large crack in its window and is covered in caution tape. One Wiener we spoke to said it wasn’t bad it enough for cold air to seep in, but it is still pretty unsightly. And we note that the last thing residents of Wien probably want to see when walking outside is their door yelling “caution” at them, as if hurtling them into an existential crisis—but we digress. (Although seriously, be cautious there today, kids! It’s like a real blizzard or something.)

Theories abound (snowball? battering ram?), but if you have any concrete info about this, please let us know in the comments.

In other door-related news, the gates at Carman are locked: not sure how creative you can get with those, but calculate this into your walk to class!

Update, 11:32am: Columbia has now issued a Weather-Related Update, noting all the gates that are closed: Earl Hall, Chapel, CEPSR, Carman, and John Jay. The school plans to remain open today and tomorrow. While maintenance looks like they’re doing a great job this morning keeping walkways snow-free, just remember to take a little extra time and stay safe out there!

Update, 1:10pm: The gates at 120th are closed too.

Update, 3:29pm:  Caution tape!  Even that weird gate by Fayerweather is closed.

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  1. Free food  

    is there free food on campus today?? im hungry

  2. Anonymous  

    ahaha! That's me and my neon rainboots!

    Seriously, i hate how they size discriminate with that tiny crack.

  3. Anonymous  

    i was on my way to class this afternoon and noticed the first gate on 114th st (by carman) was locked, so i proceeded on to the next gate on 114th (by john jay) which was also locked. at that point i had to decide whether to venture all the way to 116th st or take it as a sign from God that i shouldn't go to class...

    ...i didn't go to class

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