Morningside Mythology: Cat Edition

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You’ve heard of them. You may have seen them—pet them even. But to be certain, you have lived under their ever present shadow of doom. Bwog speaks of cats. And not just any cats, but the cats that live in the grocery stores, bars, and coffee shops of our dear neighborhood. You know you’ve spent hours in Butler looking at stupid cat pictures/videos, so read a little about the feline overlords of 10027.


Hungarian Cat

As indie as the average Hungarian customer, the Hungarian cat leads a life of quiet (and ironic) desperation. The cat is rumored to avoid phonies, and approaches only those who have read Pablo Neruda in the original Spanish. Better leave that Twilight and Shel Silverstein at home. This cat wants to hand roll a cigarette and talk some Nietzsche.

Milano Cat

Milano cat going in for the kill.

The grey and skinny Milano cat is very friendly, but you must approach slowly and in plain sight. After living in a cramped shop with 4-6 giant gourmet sandwich makers, the cat is understandably very quick to get out of your way if you are walking towards it. The cat can usually be found peering out from behind the cheese section, but has been known to venture as far out as the bread roll case.

Patrick Ryan’s Cat(La Salle and Broadway)

This cat lives a dangerous life, and is thus rarely seen. Patrick Ryan’s is that place where you go and get way too drunk and always plan on going back but–let’s be honest–is too far North. The Patrick Ryan’s cat dodges trashed regulars and ventures outside into the dark alleyways and cold streets.

Morton Williams Cat

Not much is known about this cat, but it is probably expired and overpriced.

Photos above by CS & AJ. Here are some gratuitous cat pictures.

Cat on a radiator. Probably in Hogan.

Cat in a washer. Probably in Hartley laundry room.

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  1. you missed one...  

    there is an adorably sweet gray cat who lives at possibilities @ columbia. it literally jumped into my arms the last time i was there. it hangs out in front of the shop sometimes too. i want to take it home with me!

  2. what about

    the cat at possibilities?

  3. Anonymous


  4. That annoying "Have a copy editor?" guy  

    Patrick Ryan’s is that place where you go and get way too* drunk

  5. you missed another one...

    The cat at Olive Tree Deli. He's really friendly, and hides in the food.

  6. irrelevant  

    any chance for a snow day tomorrow or friday (for those who have class/work)?

  7. Anonymous  

    I love me some pussy!

  8. Anonymous

    ...and thus, Bwog slowly becomes 4chan.

  9. Anonymous

    Samad's haz cat.

  10. Crazy Cat Guy  

    Having a cat on campus would increase my Columbia quality of life, like... twenty-sevenfold.

  11. person  

    You forgot Mrs. Norris, the public safety cat that finds parties to bust.

  12. Dog Person  

    Has anyone noticed the absurdly adorable Pomeranian at Book Culture? He lives behind the textbook counter.

  13. the picture of  

    hungarian cat is an achievement

  14. Anonymous  


  15. BWOG

    Why haven't you posted anything about WBAR's concert in the VagBox tomorrow night?

  16. frightful  

    I have tried to poison the hungarian cat three times by feeding it lattes spiked with pepto bismol and yet it survives.
    driven out of my favorite cafe by this biological catastrophe you people call cats..

  17. BWOG  


  18. Anonymous

    Does anyone else think it's absolutely gross and disgusting that food establishments house live animals?

    It must be a health code violation, and it absolutely makes me wonder what falls into my food.

  19. Anonymous  

    I would rather have cats than rats. But at Ollies you eat both

  20. Anonymous  

    officially can't see Low from Butler's front door due to snow. As a self appointed snow expert/weatherman, I declare a snow day tomorrow, and Friday..

  21. whattt  

    there's a cat at Milano??? I go there all the time, how have I never seen it?

  22. Anonymous  

    It's snowing.

  23. Looking for Santa Claus  

    These cats are great and all but when is there going to be a post about that big white polar bear dog? I had a glimpse of him in SIPA and apparently he's been in Butler. He doesn't know it yet, but he's my dog and his name is Santa Claus.

    Bwog, someone, anyone, please get on this like yesterday! Ah must has more info on him!

  24. Anonymous  

    milano smoked salmo cream cheese is so good

  25. 10025/7

    Hungarian and Milano are actually in 10025. 114th is the border.

  26. OMG  

    BEST POST EVER!!!! more kitties pleeeease!!

  27. Hungarian cat =

    P&W cat. See another great photo at http://foursquare.com/venue/71531.

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