Free Food: They’re Asking For It Edition

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Try your hand at whipped cream tossing, tonight at 8 pm in the first floor McBain lounge. We can only hope that what happens in McBain stays in McBain, and with colossal self-control, we will now end this post.

Plus: To pre- and postgame all that tossing of whipped cream, head to the third floor of Hillel (606 West 115th St.) for free challah braiding and tasting (or should we say cupping?). The festivities, hosted by Columbia’s Challah for Hunger group, will occur from 5 to 7ish. The litmag Quarto will also have lots of free food at it’s annual S&M (what is it today?!) reading, at 8:30 in 501 Dodge.

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  1. arparp

    You're instead of your??? in MY Columbia??

  2. pretty slow news day...  

    nothing exciting going on here, huh bwog?


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