1. anonymous  

    are there classes tomorrow?????

  2. anonymous  

    are there classes tomorrow?

  3. joy-kill  

    I REFUSE to go frolick in the snow if classes are not CANCELLED!!!

  4. anonymous2  

    agree with joy-kill. Stuck doing my u-writing homework. boooo

  5. Anonymous  


  6. NYU  

    is cancelled. this ensures we will be.

  7. anonymous2  

    im so jealous of NYUU! argggg. Columbia better cancel tonight so that i can run outside and be free of this homework!

  8. Anonymous  

    did anyone else see the blue haired kid with no shirt? wtf

  9. Anonymous  

    bwog, the gypsy cabs are struggling on broadway. school needs to be closed

  10. Anonymous  

    please someone build an igloo. They are perfect to drink in/hot box.

  11. Anon

    time for alcoholic hot chocolate!

  12. Anonymous  

    BWOG NEVER SLEEPS... great tag

  13. Anonymous  

    4 loko snow cones!

  14. Anonymous  

    i love how this fight started, ust 5 people who tried to go sledding and failed... which turned into an epic snowball fight

  15. Anonymous  

    bwog never sleeps a little lame for 12:33

  16. PrezBo quote  

    "Conditions are subject to change...our decision, on the other hand, is not."

  17. i am  

    fully expecting a morning cancellation.

  18. Science of Cognition  

    I have a quiz tomorrow for a class I have yet to even attend (don't ask) and this potential snow day has killed any desire I could muster to revise.

    So help me I will cut your face, if tomorrow morning doesn't bear great news.

  19. Anonymous  

    Just watched a cab slide all the way onto the sidewalk. It almost hit the bus stop booth. Please let weather.com be wrong about the mostly sunny thing tomorrow.

  20. Anonymous

    Wear your pajamas inside out!!

  21. looks like  

    school wil be out tomorrow

  22. Anonymous  

    Public schools are canceled...could impact the chances of Columbia being closed...


  23. Anonymous  

    No Snow Day, though some delays in the morning possible: http://news.columbia.edu/home/2278


  24. Anonymous  

    No snow day, though delays in the morning possible: http://news.columbia.edu/home/2278


  25. Anonymous  

    No snow day...

  26. Anon

    Nooooo!!!! How is this school open when city buses are shut down and the mayor declares a weather emergency?!!!!

  27. Alum at nyu

    As of 4 30am nyu is open but late, all classes before 11am are cancelled. As for Columbia... We didn't get off for the biggest snowfall in NYC history in 06...

  28. Blah  

    I hate this school.

  29. Anonymous  

    Columbia and PrezBo (or whoever makes this decision) should be ashamed. With the public schools and other major organizations closed, there is clearly a legitimate reason to do so. We may not be a 'commuter school' but this is a time when Columbia should be showing respect and recognition for those students and staff who do have to commute, and not make them go through unsafe conditions to get here. This is truly pathetic.

  30. Today's MeMe is to bring

    Up the lack of a snow day in every class.

  31. Alum at nyu

    Update: nyu closed. Hurrah.

  32. Anonymous  

    fuck columbia. bunch of inconsiderate assholes. if i manage to make some kind of fortune or obtain some amount of fame after i graduate, this school ISN'T GETTING SHIT FROM ME. obama style.

  33. Blah  

    I've got a seminar this morning in which two of the four students are GS folk. Do the right thing, Professor. For them.

  34. senior  

    3 more months. then i'm OUTTA this shithole!

  35. Wow  

    This post has the most depressing comment thread EVER. Witness the slow extinguishing of hope...

  36. bc'11  

    in my life here, we've only had two "snow days"

    both last spring, one was the day of the snow fall after 3pm (which was bs and i took the whole day off)

    and another was a friday in february and my prof had sent us an email the night before saying he wasnt gonna make it in to the city.

    i figured we wouldnt get this one either but im skipping my 9am class. fuck it i'm gonna sleep in until my class at 1pm

  37. memememe

    is the DIANA CLOSED??

  38. You do realize  

    That Columbia and Barnard are the only schools in the city open today. Yet again ,we show our self-importance by staying open when even the city has shut down due to the weather.

    Don't go outside if you don't have to. The sidewalks and street crossings are still a mess!

  39. its  

    unsafe out there students, do NOT listen to the administration on this one - a friend of mine has already broken her arm fallin

    • Sorry for your friend but...  

      ....It's hardly unsafe. It's easier to walk than it has been most week just because someone has actually cleared pathways to pretty much all the buildings.

      I would have liked a snowday too but let's not get dramatic.

      • Anon  

        The campus itself is very safe, because Columbia has a lot of cash available with which to hire a team to obsessively clear every pathway. This is less true of the city in general... a fact I realized a bit too late after stepping off campus for the first time today in footwear that worked very well on the carefully plowed and salted pathways but less so in the slush puddles covering most of morningside heights.

  40. Anon

    This whole day was like watching a highlights reel of slip-and-fall lawsuits.

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