1. waited in that hellish line  

    Well, it's kind of their fault!

  2. holy shit  

    I was there at 4 and there was barely a line. If they're so swamped, the university should hire more workers and reopen the Package Center on Saturdays. Or at least let me go into the storeroom so I can find the books I need for class that have been sitting there for a week and a half.

    • cc'11  

      opening on weekends is a great idea, especially for the early part of the semester where people are ordering textbooks. also, i bet there's a bunch of overload on mondays and tuesdays from the weekend stuff that came in.

    • Anonymous  

      Seriously, how about Saturday hours during the first 4 weeks of the semester? This is what you get for using an outside service.

    • So...  

      If they haven't scanned it in (aka you haven't got an email) then they probably couldn't even tell you where to look amongst the TON of mail that's back there. And how would you feel if you found out they were letting random students sort through all the mail?

      A BUNCH of people work in the package center/mail room sorting and scanning, etc. Guess what? 4pm is the end of the day for them, too.

      Apparently UPS is doing some weird thing with their delivery schedules this semester and that has caused all the problems.

      Does it SUCK? Yes. Does it suck for EVERYONE? Yes.

      Is whining helping?


      • Anonymous  

        if these problems are so bad, then they need to adjust their system. this happens every semester and they are there to provide a service --- our books sitting there for two weeks after they have been delivered is a failure to provide that service, and something needs to change.

  3. meh  

    Has anyone else had packages that have supposedly arrived (tracking numbers) but haven't gotten an email from lerner for 7+ days?

  4. Anonymous  

    yeah, when i went the line was to the ramps, and only 1 girl was working, and by working i mean chatting with the guys in the back.

  5. hey  

    I like those package center guys, don't be mean to them

  6. Anonymous  

    they should just hire some work-studies for the beginning of the semester. Lord knows there's a lot of people with work-study allotment and no jobs.

  7. Long journey  

    Took a week for my Amazon book to come from 115th & Broadway to Lerner.

    That's just absurd.

  8. Anonymous  

    If they lose your mail is there anything you can do about it?

  9. Anonymous

    Had a package of textbooks (that I need) delivered the first tuesday of the semester.. took the tracking number to the package center a week ago where a nice man looked for it...


    how long until I can get mad?

  10. Hmm.....  

    scanning the occasional book or scanning a constant stream of packages for work study...that is the eternal question.

  11. ...  

    i bet their year over year growth for the past 10 years has been astronomical/unprecedented...

  12. oh boy

    i just hope people are still polite to the package center workers. issues there are definitely the fault of managerial staff and the university, not the people who have to do the grunt work (and put up with all the crap). i've worked jobs like that...the crap you get from people who have no idea how the system works is unbearable, especially when as a worker, you know better than anyone why it's annoying and unfair. believe me, if they could do it different, i bet they would.

    • student  

      very true. the guys who you see behind the counter when you do pick up your packages are all really kind and willing to help. i went with my tracking number and everything and they explained that usps has some new delivery system that's been slow, ups should be working fine... but yeah, they work really hard actually and are just there to try to help. don't give them attitude they've done nothing to deserve it.

  13. Anonymous  

    I'm not hating on the people that work there because it must suck to deal with impatient people, but SOMEONE needs to fix this system. make this workstudy?

    I transferred from another school, and they just had the mail delivered to each individual dorm. I always got my mail on time...maybe we should do that.

  14. Yep  

    This is what happens when all college students have free Amazon Prime.

  15. me  

    One of the perks of living in a frat house. You just get your books mailed to your door like a normal human being.

  16. Anonymous  

    I;m surprised someone hasn't come in here yet saying how we're all just a bunch of whiny rich white kids. SOLIDARITY IN RENOUNCING THE INEFFECTIVENESS OF THE PACKAGE CENTER!!!

  17. haha  

    yeah I have hw due today from a book I can't access though I ordered it 2 weeks ago with the 2 day shipping..

  18. The worst part

    is that if you ordered a 2-day shipping book, haven't gotten it after two weeks, and want to just go out and buy it somewhere else, you can't cancel your Amazon order or return it because it's already been processed and shipped. So you end up spending more money to make up for the inefficiency of the mail center.

  19. Bullshit  

    It angers me even more to read the package center's website:

    "All incoming mail will be processed in 24 business hours."


  20. Anonymous  

    I would feel sorry for the people in the package center if they were helpful/nice but not only do they screw up frequently (not just this semester; I had several packages last semester that I didn't get emails about until weeks after they had arrived, or when I went to pick up the package, they said they didn't have it, etc.), but everyone except this one guy (who I actually do feel sorry for) is pretty rude about it, at least in my experience.

  21. god damn!

    bwog is for white people

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