ESC: CAVA Moving to Nussbaum, Co-Sponsorship Changes

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  • The administration will relocate CAVA to the basement of Nussbaum over the summer. CAVA’s move to Nussbaum surprised many, especially after undergraduate student councils had issued a joint statement supporting CAVA’s bid for space in Broadway. Farther away from campus than Broadway, the larger space in Nussbaum had never been discussed as a possible location for CAVA. Members of the council raised concerns that the increased distance would slow CAVA’s response time. 2012 Class Representative Spencer Almen added, “I’m glad they have a bigger space, but I’m worried about the safety of the students.”
  • ESC voted tonight to form a joint co-sponsorship committee with the other undergraduate councils. This would allow student groups seeking co-sponsorship to only apply to the new committee, instead of applying to each governing board individually. Since the new co-sponsorship policy violates part of the current ESC constitution, it will be amended in a spring review session.
  • Senator Qin reports that the university has launched a new website on ROTC: http://www.columbia.edu/cu/senate/militaryengagement/

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  1. anonymous  

    Spencer Almen is my hero....and really hot too

  2. mm  

    the basement of Nussbaum is only accessible via elevator as of now... that does not seem time efficient.

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