1. anonymous  

    why can't they just close school!!

  2. honestly  

    why do they do this?

  3. Anonymous  

    Seriously? It's barely even snowing!

  4. Anonymous

    What do the gates have to do with the snow issue...why doesn't the University talk!?

  5. Anonymous

    The real question is why this school doesn't seem to own any salt. The bricks are so slippery you could actually ice skate on them.

  6. Anonymous  

    its not even snowing!!! why are the gates closed!

  7. I think  

    We're all just a little lost without BwogWeather

  8. Anonymous  

    Bring an umbrella? More like bring ice skates.

  9. Anonymous  

    I sure as hell hope they close school tomorrow, it's supposed to rain freakin' ICE tomorrow. It'll be like one big ice rink.

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