The Perfect Fats and Proteins

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The Swim team beat Brown at Homecoming this past weekend! To celebrate, we bring you a bit of gossip from the latest issue of the Blue and WhiteKeep sending your silliest and strangest stories to [email protected]

Each week, the swim team coach buys 150 bottles of Ronnybrook Farm chocolate milk at the greenmarket to reward (and refresh!) his team after practice. Swimmers who wish for more chocolate milk may stop by the stand and thereupon receive four complementary bottles.

And fun fact: “swim team” is one of the top search terms on Bwog.

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  1. mystery?  

    We all know why "swim team" is one of the top search terms - no one can get enough man thigh (and abs and pecs and....)

  2. jeez  

    that guy in the middle is one sexy hunk. id totally tap that. and i aint gay.

  3. Hate to break it to you  

    You might be a little gay.

  4. Anonymous  

    third guy from the left needs some sun...

  5. The Cows

    it's "Ronnybrook," not "Ronnydale"

  6. effff  

    you can see what we search for?!

  7. hornyfreshmangirl  

    Mmm, I'd love some swim team "milk."

  8. hornyfreshmanguy

    I agree with the original poster.

  9. who said asian guys weren't attractive?

    i'd bang em all!

    - hot white sorority girl.

  10. Joe

    Does the receipt of free food by varsity athletes comply with NCAA rules?

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