Bwoglines: O Tempora, O Mores Edition

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"That's classical."

According to Columbia News’ Weather-Related Update–O, that we could aspire to such truly topical titles–there will be class tomorrow, but some a lot of gates will be closed, and we should be careful because there will be “a light coating of ice.”

Police are on the hunt for two campus criminals: the wall- scaling spiderman robber, and the mugger who brutally beat a student, then stole his cell phone. (DNAinfo)

Lime Leaf has closed, to cries of anguish. (The College Critic)

In a hilarious instance of copyright infringement, China released “training videos” of fighter aircraft–only for some wise-crackin’ reporters to realize that part of the footage was stolen from Top Gun.  (WSJ)

And as a bonus–name that tag-quote!

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    "being looked for"? Pls stop dangling yer prepositions :(

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