Car Crash at 116th and Broadway

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Earlier this morning, a Tom Cat Bakery truck and taxi cab collided on 116th St and Broadway. The taxi’s passengers have been taken to the hospital, but bystanders report that the situation doesn’t look too grim. Unplowed snow appears to be the culprit in this incident. The crash-induced traffic has cleared, but bulldozers have now taken over the intersection, adding to the area’s general mayhem. Though salt is now being distributed, the roads are still pretty icy—watch your step, folks!

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  1. neat  

    you guys scooped spec!

  2. from the looks of the photo  

    this is what happens when fucking taxi drivers get ambitious and try to beat the light, and other vehicles. And seriously??? unplowed snow??? Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit, CMON SON!

  3. human  

    eek! hope those involved are okay

  4. Anonymous

    so what do to this morning? homework or porn? hmm...decisions decisions

  5. Geez!

    I hope Tom wasn't driving!

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