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These excerpts were culled from documents left on Columbia’s lab computers. Let them inspire you, and please submit your own digitalia finds to The Blue & White at [email protected].


Title for a Hamlet paper: ‘One of These Danes is Not Like the Other’ or: How I Learned to Start Worrying about Character and Love the Original


The easiest way to improve this grade is to reread GOOD works of literature that you are familiar with (don’t you dare say Twilight).


wasn’t sure about the beginning paragraph – I just wanted you to dive into the topic, maybe start out the first line with something like, “But I thought black men had giant penises!” Just jump into it.


• Ugg boots that have been hiding under your bed (both)
• Pretty equestrian riding boots.Please ask Courtney for assistance if you’re confused. Try to get them fixed first!
• Picnic blanket – specifically, the Allegheny Power or complete energy one that has the canvas side and the vinyl side
• Hookah (yaaaa)
• The red suitcase that’s been in the laundry room
• Laxatives
• Tylenol PM or something that will soothe my hurting face at night
• Army chair
• Waffle iron?
• ALL THE COOKING SHIT YOU CAN SPARE – whatever we have that’s extra, please bring it! At least one pot/pan too. And any- thing else really
• Ask Courtney for her Gap blazer – I just want to borrow it for the weekend. PLEASE!
• High socks
• Tights–lots of tights


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  1. haha  

    "Tights–lots of tights"

  2. Anonymous

    Why doesn't she just ask Courtney herself?

  3. Courtney  

    Sorry, no way am i giving you my Gap blazer

  4. CC 11  

    I send emails like that all the time with things I want my parents to bring me from home...I would bet Courtney is her sister.

  5. I wonder...  

    ...why her face is hurting at night?

  6. Is Bwog planning anything for valentines?

    Because i'm so damn lonely not even animal planet does it for me anymore.

  7. anon  

    No, honey, Courtney's dead

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