No Flex At Westside!

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UPDATE (9:30 AM): A phone call to Westside this morning confirms that they had a problem with their servers last night which are now up and running. Our Flex tragedy is officially over. Go forth and swipe!

Tragedy strikes! You either have to pay with “real” money or get your snacks elsewhere. Our tipster reports that the cashier didn’t know what was wrong or when Flex would be working again. Meanwhile, blue jacket woman is bewildered.

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  1. Anonymous  

    she is probably bewildered because that sign is floating in midair

    • 2O13

      It's attached to the cash register. I was there the moment that grey sweatered lady stuck it on. I was buying an orange and she pointedly slapped it onto the register and gave me a look. I responded by whipping out cash. Bitch, I don't even have flex.

  2. Anonymous

    i'd say her jacket is more of navy

  3. disillusioned reader  

    bwog, your coverage is sagging and lacks the spirit of days gone by.

  4. I love buffets  

    haters gonna hate

  5. hungry senior  

    i learned long ago never to trust the flex system... you are asking for trouble if you go any place without a fall-back payment plan

    after all these years, flex still can't get it together to be a reliable system and, quite frankly, i just don't get it at all.

    something is rotten, sure - but why can't it be fixed???? like fix it or just junk it, huh?

    • To be fair...

      Not only was FLEX down at Westside yesterday, but all their plastic swiping machines were down, so people were forced to use cash only, even if you had never heard of FLEX or what your opinion of it was.

      • hungry senior  

        thanks... i did not know that when i posted... but: i have had flex turned down at a whole bunch of restaurants and it was good i had some cash available to cover the check. mel's told me that their machine wasn't working; community told me they don't take it any more...

        sometimes it works just fine. the problem is assuming that the system works as it should instead of remembering to ask beforehand so you don't get stuck in an embarrassing situation, i guess.

  6. Anonymous  

    I dont understand, why do people care about flex so much? Get a debit or credit card...

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