Spring has Sprung!?

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The sun is shining, the snow is melting, and it’s no longer so treacherous to take five steps. Or is it a false alarm? Merely Mother Nature’s cruel trick to lure us out of our layers and self-pity, only to dump another few inches on us and giggle? You decide in our latest poll (see right sidebar). Share your seasonal musings and photos with us at [email protected]

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  1. Devil's Law Clerk

    That first picture is pure misdirection. There are always a handful of inappropriately dressed girls around, regardless of the weather.

    Hell, going by the Campo's surroundings last snowstorm, it was a crisp April afternoon. I don't care how many daddy issues you have (hell March-early December; the more the better) but buckling knees and a runny nose aren't as attractive as you may think.

    Wait for me to touch you to get the chills?

  2. Too soon Bwog  

    My ears are still recuperating from the relentless icy gales that attacked my face.

    • Bwog,

      If you left your room once and awhile, you would notice that it's still f-ing cold, which isn't captured by submitted pictures. Today might have been the coldest, we are no where near spring, retards

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