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There’s less than a week ‘til Valentine’s Day, but fear not loveless singletons! Bwog will be your matchmaker. Just fill out our short questionnaire and submit a photo to [email protected]. Or nominate your love-starved pals and we’ll convince ‘em to participate. Then, we’ll showoff the eligible bachelors and bachelorettes to Columbia. If anyone strikes your fancy, contact us, and Bwog will shell out $10 for your uber romantic date.

It may be frigid outside, but just think of the warm body you could be cuddling and canoodling with.

The questionnaire, your ticket to love:

  • Name, Year, School, Major
  • Preference (guy for guy, etc.)
  • Hometown
  • Your dream date in seven words or less
  • What redeems you as a human being?
  • Choice aphrodisiac
  • Most romantic spot in Morningside
  • Sexiest animal (interpret as you will)
  • Historical Hottie

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  1. CC 13  

    I only want to date Eliza. Can that happen?

  2. I really just want  

    the ten dollars. is that possible?

  3. I'd love to have  

    ten bucks and Eliza. Is that feasible?

  4. Can you provide me with  

    $10 dollars of Eliza's money. Is that realizable?

  5. a  

    ur going to post the info online, or only people who submit can see the other people?

  6. By $10...  

    Bwog actually means 3 four lokos

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