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True love may be foreign to The Blue and White, but the quest for it isn’t. Here we confess our hearts’ desires for the benefits of Columbia’s love-starved fops, aging professors, and resident perverts for whom the night has not yet been taken. Get inspired to submit your own personal!

Seeking Men

  • Anthro major seeks significant otherness.
  • Aspirational reporter seeks deepthroat.
  • BBM me hard!
  • You can’t capture my awesomeness in one line.
  • Or two.
  • Abstract theorist seeks something rock hard.
  • Bleary-eyed in Butler, we sat at opposite side of the ref room rable. We downed Red Bull and HamDel at four in the morning, our fingers numb from typing. Your eyes met mine, and at that moment, I realized: You’ll do.
  • 6, seeking 9

Seeking Women

  • They call me the freshman fifteen, because I’ll make you feel insecure and unattractive.
  • My dad’s in oil. You could be too.
  • Let’s take this Gchat off the record.
  • Like Narnia, but with sex.
  • I’d like to put my 1 in your 0.
  • DC native looking for below-the-Beltway traffic.
  • Cunning linguist seeks… friendship.

Whatever I can get

  • Uninhibited, wide-open, and robust.

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  1. Devil's Law Clerk

    For some reason, the idea of a woman who defines herself as "robust" is totally arousing. It's not fat, it's something else....something.....sturdier.

  2. oh man  

    As a fellow DC native, the Beltway reference really did it for me. Virtual slow clap for you.

  3. Whatever I can get...  

    Looks like PrezBo's desperate for some lovin.

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