PSA: Slurp Soups, Be Healthy

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You gotta eat your soup to compete in the WWE.

Everybody’s vomming!!! They are just fine one second and gone the next. The stomach flu going round has been described as “completely unexpected,” “devastating,” and “vengeful.” “It’s reached outbreak status,” one anonymous tipster proclaims.

If you have not been incapacitated by this mysterious (but apparently short-term) bug, you are probably suffering in other ways. “I’m a snot machine” quoth another poor student. Just because the big melt may or may not have begun, doesn’t mean it’s not cold outside, and therefore, cold in your head/nose/throat.

Apart from oozing with sympathy, we’d like to direct your attention towards Chabad’s free soup service. Through their online order form you can get Matzo Ball soup (veg option available!) delivered straight to your dorm, FOR FREE. Note the last question on the form: “Is there anything else we can help you with?” How sweet!

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  1. Anonymous  

    Totally unaware that a stomach bug was going around. Ew.

  2. Anonymous

    See that, the soup works miracles!

  3. hey...  

    why are half of the posts on bwog these days about chabad or hillel?

  4. hmm  

    Is it worth dealing with Chabad for free soup? They are nice and all, but a bit too nice. Also they have a really backwards stance towards women:


    Seriously, wtf.

  5. wait  

    why do the soup people need my parents' home address??

  6. seriously  

    wtf, from Chabad's website:
    "So, for example, a woman also puts on tefillin--only that she puts them on with her male body. If everything is working right, that should be her husband."

  7. censorship  

    I posted an article linking to chabad's website about their stance towards women. It was deleted. Check it out for yourselves, please. Then take their delicious oup.

  8. Anonymous  

    Educate yourselves! Chabad at Columbia is a family (not just a nameless "organization") who is here to serve you, whether that's soup, meals, or information.
    check it out for yourself:

  9. Anonymous

    Obviously this comment comes from someone who is has never met this wonderful family. All those who have, will tell you that there is not a drop of judgment from Rabbi & Rebbetzin Blum; only acceptance for everybody they meet for who they are. I challenge you to stop your stereotyping and bigotry you are unjustly accusing them of based on whatever your motivations and prejudices are.

    • Anonymous  

      My motivations and prejudices come from Chabad's official website describing their views. I assume Columbia's Chabad family follows similar beliefs.

      • Anonymous

        again; i challenge you to challenge yourself to make an informed decision for yourself by meeting the people who so many of us here at Columbia appreciate. You know what they say about people who assume.

        • Anonymous  

          So you're telling me Chabad at Columbia doesn't have similar morals to the Chabad of Chabad.org (The people who equate being gay to a young child wanting to jump on the bed)?

          It's not about accepting or judging, it's about their beliefs and where they come from.

        • Anonymous  

          From COLUMBIA'S Chabad website FAQ:
          Q:Do women occupy a secondary position in Chabad philosophy and communal life?
          A: A position different from the position of men, yes. Secondary to the status of men, No!

          Separate but equal, reminds me of an institution our country used to have that didn't work. Discrimination is discrimination.

  10. sufferer  

    stomach bug is real. I just pray it is actually short-term

  11. Anonymous

    I got the soup. And it was perfect. YEAH!! back in December I had a nasty bout of the flue and I could only keep fluids down. Yay for chicken soup!! Thanks guys!

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