1. Anonymous  


  2. hey bwog  

    random and unrelated question, but....

    a few days ago you posted a link to this NYC art exhibit that i cant find anymore. it was a room meant to mirror summer/spring time so it had heating and fake sun/bird noises. cost a dollar to get in. do you still have that info? i think this is the last weekend it's up and running

  3. pretty sure

    that's definitely an "e" not an O in "honeydew" it just got covered by enthusiastic underlining.

  4. Bwog staff

    so quickly to judge people whenever they get the chance to. They definitely spelled it correctly assholes, the e is indeed masked by the underline.

  5. Econ majors rejoice!  

    Capitalism at its finest.

  6. Anonymous

    I applaud the use of smiley faces, but I still wouldn't buy honeydews or honeydows from the D'Ag. Then again, at least when I asked for evaporated milk they didn't think I was looking for "rat milk" (thanks Westside).

  7. Anonymous  

    I love competition. I need to buy from this place way more. I just pass by it thinking it's really expensive.

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