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Slacktivism on McBain 8

Turath, the Columbia Arab Students Organization, may have spoken too soon. On Thursday, members announced a “Columbia Stands with Egypt” protest against the injustice of the Mubarak regime. But after Mubark’s departure on Friday, what was once a protest is now a party. Head down to Low Plaza at 2 p.m for snacks, sharbat, music, and lotsa discussion.

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  1. Yes.

    Doors are a great outlet to political opinions and relevant activism. Congratulations on making an active difference. Your scribbled opinion matters a lot.

  2. Anonymous  


  3. Just think...  

    of how many impromptu parties we'd have if we had world peace! kumbaya, bitches!

  4. Anonymous  

    is this still going on?

  5. Anonymous

    The Egyptians have a funny idea of freedom, don't they?

    Swapping a dictator for a Military Junta.

    I suspect the Burmese would be pleased to enlighten them.

  6. So Hot  

    for Rashid Khalidi.

  7. penthouse club  

    part 2 Egyptian Revolution style?

  8. Anonymous

    McBain 8: the hottest politically-active party animals around

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