Bwoglines: Lust Edition

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Lust has prominent nostrils

Stay stoic this Valentine’s day. Bwog brings you the news as defined by Cicero’s definition of Lust.

Mubarak has stepped down. Egyptians long for a new government as they dissolve parliament and call for a vote. (NYTimes)

Pesky Canadians are getting greedy, spreading their bagel-like-products around the city. (Gothamist)

An angry man suspected of going on a stabbing spree was arrested yesterday. Columbia students continue to seep in enmity over 1 delays. (NYTimes)

Marine archeologists uncovered the salty grave of the wrathful Captain George Pollard, the man who inspired Melville to pen Moby Dick. (BBC)

Our hatred for mosquitos may be harming the IQs of our young. A recent Columbia study found that an ingredient found in many insecticides may delay child development. (UPI)

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