Free Candygrams!

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ResLife is giving away free candygrams and Momofuku cookies today at 2:00 in the lobby of Broadway Residence Hall! For those looking for more than just a sugar-high, there will also be a sex toy info session presented by Babeland.

Be Glen Coco.

Update: Photos of sex toy spread below!

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  1. NONE  

    for gretchen wiener

  2. Anonymous  

    I hear there will also be FREE COOKIES From Momofuku's Milk Bar, which are amazing!!

  3. Anonymous  

    That girls too fat to have sex, loves her sex toys

  4. Double standards  

    If a girl uses a sex toy, it's "exploring her sexuality." If a guy uses a sex toy, it's gross and perverted.

  5. Fleshlight>Fat Chick Sex

    My pocket pussy is a lifesaver, it has completely eliminated fat chicks from waking up in my bed. Knowing that I have a fleshlight waiting in my drawer during a walk of shame, keeps me from dropping into Koronet and picking up a fat chick

  6. Anonymous  

    but i am always gretchen wieners :-(

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